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Skyblock Update

HeroCraft Skyblock Featuring Minions Custom Spawn Custom Items/recipes Custom bank custom npc custom ranks like mvp+ Quests, where you can coins in game Skills Taming, Farming, Mining, Runcrafting Custom Skyblock Menu Pets from sliverfish Bank that can be upgraded Custom trades Custom islands Can join on older verison, newer version from 1.8 to .1.17.1 We hope you have an amazing time on the server

Virtual PBX Faxing Service Convenience fax list
about 1 month ago

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Reverse india cell phone number list- Stop Losing Contacts
2 months ago

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Update Revolution
4 months ago

Skyblock Update Revolution

Thanks for sticking with us! Here's a major Skyblock update.


- Added a NEW End dimension

- Added Dragon Bosses (EXCLUSIVE TO MOB PASS)

- Added new items

- Added special ender eyes

- Added skills

- Added collections

- Added Fairy Souls

- Added reforges

- Added custom enchants/GUI Enchanting

- Added Anvil GUI

- Added Crafting GUI

- Added something secret...

Update 0.0.12pbt
4 months ago

Skyblock Update

Thanks for sticking with us! We have updated the Skyblock gamemode.


- NPCs

- /shop now works

- Added reforges, enchanting, anvil, & crafting GUI

- End dimension portal (Coming soon)

Cant Play
5 months ago

cant play the server since its on whitelist and no way to get put on that list

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